Welcome to QC Energy Resources: Delivering Energy

QC Energy Resources (QCER) is a company driven by our passions. We are first passioniate to be a trusted partner to the Oil and Gas Industry, transporting energy resources safely to their destinations. We are also passionate about being responsible stewards of the environment, and the communities in which we service. We feel a company can't succeed in our industry without ensuring a healthy respect for both the industry and the environment. Our valued clients in the Oil and Gas Industry count on our experience and commitment to excellence to ensure the safe transport of their resources. Our employees, as well as the communities in which we live and work, trust in our high regard for safety in transporting these resources.
We maintain the same drive for excellence and commitment to safety as our parent company, operator of the largest bulk tank network in North America. As a wholly owned subsidiary, we have the ability pull from the resources QDI has available while forging our own success through hard work and an unrelenting passion for excellence. Our success is predicated on the experience and talents of our people, whom we believe to be among the very best our industry has to offer. Their commitment to serving our valued customers in the most excellent manner while maintaining our rigorous commitment to safety is the hallmark of every thing this company does.  
To find out more about QC Energy Resources, our commitment to our customers’ success, or to apply for position on our highly talented team of associates, please call us at (855) 426-4285.
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