QC Energy Resources: A Legacy of Excellence

As a part of the Quality Distribution, Inc. (QDI) family of companies, QC Energy Resources takes pride in being a part of an organization with over 100 years as a leader in transportation and logistics services. Our history goes all the way back to 1913, when B.F. Leaman saw a need in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for the timely delivery of both lime and milk. Working with his son, Clair, the two formed a small trucking company to help meet this need.
In 2010, our story expanded when that same laser-like focus on meeting a need led to the creation of QC Energy Resources. QDI witnessed the outstanding growth in shale regions throughout North America and specifically in the U.S. At the same time, it noticed that the industry was underserved. This meant there was ample opportunity for a company with industry experience to provide Transportation and Logistics services to the Oil and Gas industry. QC Energy Resources was created and chartered with a mission to meet that specific need.
Since our start in 2010, our organizational focus on safety and service has earned us a sterling reputation within our industry. Starting with a single facility in Williamsport, PA., we have grown to numerous facilities spread across the major United States shale plays. Wherever our clients are, we are there to support them in the most excellent and safest manner possible.
To find out more about QC Energy Resources, its services and its industry-best team, please call us at (855) 426-4285.
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