QC Energy Resources: Our Mission

At QC Energy Resources, our mission is to establish ourselves as the leading provider of transportation and logistics services to the Oil and Gas Industry. We pledge to our respected customers that we will never compromise:
  • The safety of every person involved in the delivery of those services, including our employees and theirs.
  • The integrity of our business dealings in every customer engagement.
  • The quality of our services.
To fulfill this mission, we strive to foster a corporate culture that places a high priority on open communication with everyone involved while maintaining a company-wide focus on safety and excellence.
As a member of the Quality Distribution, Inc. (QDI) family of companies, we support our parent company’s mission to maintain its place as the industry’s leader in bulk transportation and the related world-class services we provide to our valued customers. We do our part by ensuring that:
  • Our employees, and especially our drivers, are well trained and safety-focused.
  • Our equipment is well maintained.
  • Our investment in developing innovative technologies is ongoing.
  • Our customers are delighted by the quality of our people and our services.
Safety, quality, reliability and dependability are the watchwords of our day-to-day activities. We strive to demonstrate excellence and expertise in every task entrusted to us by our valued customers. We conduct every client engagement with integrity, adhering to the highest ethical standards. We never sacrifice safety or quality for the sake of profits.

To find out more about the mission of QC Energy Resources and the QCER Mission, call us at (855) 426-4285.
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