QC Energy Resources: Our Key Advantage

Our valued customers in the Oil and Gas Industry realize that only a service provider with a long history of success, and positioned to sustain that success, provides any real advantage to their respective businesses. That is why a high percentage of the leading companies in Oil and Gas choose to work with QC Energy Resources.
As a subsidiary of Quality Distribution, Inc. (QDI), we operate from a position of financial strength. However, it is our customer-focused strategies and initiatives that drive our success. We are never content to be the biggest; our passion is to be continually pushing to be the best service provider in this industry. To that end, we invest heavily in driver safety and training, equipment, support teams, facilities, and technology, all aimed at enhancing our ability to deliver high quality and excellence in execution in every engagement with every customer. Our customers demand our best, and we are determined to exceed their expectations.
To find out more about the QC Energy Resources Advantage, please call us at (855) 426-4285. We look forward to answering your questions, and hope to establishing a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with you.
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