QC Energy Resources Advantage: Logistics Software

Living and working in a wired world has given us a deep appreciation for the role that technology plays in a company’s success. QC Energy Resources understands the benefits technology can provide its employees and customers and we continue to invest in the technology that helps us differentiate ourselves in the market. We offer our operations and support teams with the best cloud-based applications, and fleet management solutions, creating a new standard in our industry for sharing information and real-time reporting. Now our clients find key indicators, critical data and resource planning tools right at their fingertips. This helps them make informed business decisions and mission-crucial responses to changing circumstances and shifting priorities. With that ability to stay on top of every situation comes another important benefit, peace of mind.  
Other features and benefits include:
  • Electronic Ticketing: A proprietary Android based ticketing application that allows drivers and office personel to communicate back-and-forth on valued loads.
  • B2B Data Exchange:  We offer data integrations whether it's for tendering jobs, receiving updates on loads via electronic ticketing, electronic logs, or invoicing; we offer a platform that allows you to be highly efficient and timely.
  • Reporting: Receive reports in whatever format best helps you understand the information being presented. Drill deeply into the data for whatever level of analysis the business requires, or use it to simply highlight costs per barrels and other key performance indicators.  
To see a demonstration of this powerful application or to get answers to your questions, call QC Energy Resources at (855) 426-4285.
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